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Principal - Joshua Tham

Times have changed! We parents live in the era of knowledge, industry and technology. We relied on rote learning to be ahead of the crowd, but since children now are living in the world of advanced technology, including the Internet and artificial intelligence, information is readily available online. Education is no longer the same as in the past, therefore it must catch up with the international standard. As wise men said, our children’s needs in the future are good conduct (high EQ), wisdom, and experience.

LUCA (which stands for “Light Unity Christian Academy”) is named after the Holy Bible’s spirit of ‘light’ and ‘unity’. In Latin, LUCA has the meaning of ‘light’ and ‘knowledge’. Light is formed from 7 types of colors, which, when unified, create a holistic and beautiful light. Light helps us live in love and hope, instead of losing our way in darkness. Moreover, LUCA aims to help our children to not merely have accomplishments in knowledge, but to truly learn to apply principles deeply rooted in biblical truth, to become highly developed in both intellect and emotions, as children of light. LUCA provides an environment with principles and love, to help our children grow amidst light and wisdom.

Light Unity Christian Academy will be run by the Golden Lampstand Baptist Church in 2018. This Academy is set up because we see the needs of our own children, and also it will be a blessing to our neighbourhood. We are grateful that among the people who will be serving in LUCA are the Principal of Education Centre, an experienced teacher from the Singapore Junior College, retired teachers, and people who are well-experienced in education.


We hope that our children will be wise and noble in the study of biblical truth, and that they will be educated through the international education system within a limited space. Rather than providing and feeding a child with a fish, we focus on teaching him how to fish. Thus, in IPC, students will participate in many project works to develop their own critical thinking and other intellectual abilities. LUCA is run by the church, so our children will have many opportunities for cultural exchange with professionals such as foreign educators and teachers. Although the educational system we have adopted for many years has proven to be effective, a student’s success still depends on his or her individual effort.

Under the educational system of LUCA, students will have the opportunity for self-learning to enhance their communication, adaptability, analytical skills, creativity, team spirit and so on. Furthermore, the students can acquire leadership skills and technical abilities which will benefit them greatly in society. We strongly believe that students who graduate from LUCA will have a bright future and achieve great accomplishment in the society. They will be the light for this world of ours, and be a blessing to all.

For the wholesome development of the Academy, and taking into consideration the financial statuses of our local parents, our principle is to provide an international education system while charging a reasonable standard fee. Due to the limited space we have as we are just starting out, there is still room for improvement. We hope that parents from all walks of life can understand this. LUCA will continue to grow with students, with parents and with teachers.

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