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Parent Testimony

"Because when we first came the teachers would tell us that your child was not very quiet but very, very, very quiet. Then, seeing her just step up. Especially at school, when they had Open Day and saw their own children being able to show their work. I was blown away, it was hard to imagine."

 The teacher said, "Your child is not just very quiet, but very, very, very quiet!" 

 Aren't quiet children great? How can being very quiet be a problem?

Let's hear what Charis' mother has to say.

Before she came to LUCA Academy, Charis was very uninvolved. Everyone just thought she was quiet, but why was she quiet?

The teachers at LUCA Academy worked together with the parents to identify the child's confidence issues and worked together to help the child find her own stage. This restored the child's confidence and enabled her to participate actively in the classroom.

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