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Biblical View –

Truth and the Value of Life

We believe that every child is loved by God and was created in the image of God. Therefore, children are full of curiousity and proactivity since young to recognise and understand this world. They are full of imagination and creativity. Through the biblical view, children will learn to build a relationship with God. They will be able to think about how to grow and mature based on the image of God, learn how to build a relationship with others, and they can also find their position and mission endowed by God in this world, to live out a meaningful and valuable life. Our LUCA Academy feels the need and has the responsibility to help every student in their growth.

Entrepreneurial Thinking-

Analysis and Problem-Solving, Integration and Innovation Ability

When an entrepreneur manages a business enterprise, he/she should do all the things individually or with his/her team, which includes finding resources, solving different problems, communicating with other people, writing business plans, creating financial budgets, cooperating with others, planning strategies, making decisions and taking relevant responsibilities and so on. Henceforth, we believe that if students pass through the “entrepreneurial” training, students will be able to gain holistic development - critical thinking and problem solving skills, ability to integrate various skills and knowledge, as well as innovation skills. On this account, students in LUCA Academy will have the ability to construct an entrepreneurial mindset, unleashing their potential and future through this training. They will become a talent who possesses independent thinking, problem solving skills, integrating and innovation skills.

Appropriate and Integrated Development –

Individualised and Interdisciplinary Learning

Children’s way of understanding the world will develop along with their growth and development. Henceforth, choosing the suitable learning method for children’s development stage is vital. This will help in their understanding towards every concept of the subject, mastering the skills and knowledge. When children can build knowledge and relationships with others who are new, from different fields, understanding and view, deep learning can be produced. Therefore, our teaching is mainly based on a thematic course, enriching the children’s learning experiences, allowing students to construct the knowledge, as well as interdisciplinary and deep learning mindset and attitude through their connection with others.

Internationally and Community Minded –

Responsibility, Care and Contribution to the Society

We devote our life to nurture our students to become entrepreneurial thinkers in the 21st century. Therefore, we teach our students to have awareness to figure out others’ needs, and also learn to understand, appreciate, respect people who come from different societies, cultures, religions and races, to let them prepare and build the foundation to become a person with international perspective. Our students will also learn the essential skills to encounter the challenges and opportunities from the changing world, at the same time, through all kinds of learning activities from the school programme. They will also be nurtured to have the correct attitude and behaviour, allowing them to solve everything in life with maturity and wisdom in the future and society, becoming a caring and global citizen in this era.

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