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preston chee

"The teacher is teaching in class,

and I'm swimming on the floor!" How can walking around be a problem when it's just a little bit of movement? How serious is it? Often we overlook small, unnoticeable behaviors that become a problem.

The Easygoing LUCArian-01.jpg

It is only when they become a problem that they are taken seriously. How do these little problems affect your child's learning? When we understand and correct them, we can help our children focus more on their learning and nurture their loving attitude towards learning. Let's hear the testimonies of this young student's transformation. A big round of applause for Preston Chee, a Year 2 pupil.

Joyce Ng

Empower your children with the responsibility to do their homework! Is homework the responsibility of the child or the parents? Homework has gradually become the responsibility of parents. Parents are often seen worrying about their children's homework. Unbeknownst to us, our children's homework has become the responsibility of their parents.

Why exactly do students need to do homework?
Homework plays an important role in learning, as it helps students gain a more thorough understanding of new knowledge. What about the link between homework and responsibility? When children take responsibility for their homework, they no longer complete it casually. It also enhances their attitude towards learning and makes children realize the importance of doing their homework.

Let's listen to a senior student. Let's hear it from a senior on how she has changed on her attitude towards homework and take up her responsibilities as a student. A big round of applause for Joyce from year 9.

hong an

Why are you lying?

Oh No. How can you lie?

Parents, is it your reaction if you know your child is lying?

Colorful Paints
The Brave LUCArian-01.jpg

But dear parents, have you thought about the reason behind the lies?

What causes your children to lie ?

From the sharing below, you will understand, how does LUCA Academy walk and works together with your child to identify the reason behind lie and encourage him to be truthful.

He is Hong An, from Primary 5 and he would like to share his thought of mind on his changes in LUCA Academy.


Hmmm… How could I change if I am an introverted person?
I feel insecure to speak with somebody that I am unfamiliar with, most of the time I focus on myself even when someone talks to me I would just use simple body gestures to reply.
However, after joining LUCA I started to realize how to overcome my introverted personality. It was through a lot of encouragement and support from teachers and friends.
Hurray, I started to look into myself and find out how can I change my attitude and be a better person! Let’s listen to me to know more about me and LUCA !


The Passionate LUCArian”

Hmm, do you know that there was somebody in the class, who was also giving his/her helping hand?

Hmm, the common phrase that he/she uses is “Do you need some help?”

Hmm, isn't this kind of student the favourite of the teachers and his/her friends?

The Passionate LUCArian_1.jpg

Hey, Let us present to you Agnes the Passionate LUCArian!!!A beautiful student from secondary three, she would like to share a little thought about herself in LUCA Academy. She would also like to take this opportunity to appreciate the school and teachers. Sit back and enjoy reading.

Jayden Tan

“I'm just too lazy to study for exam and simply ignore it”

Jayden Tan, a student in LUCA, from not studying for exams in the beginning to a whole new person.

He found his direction and purpose of study through life education, and now he clearly understands the importance of studying.

Exam is always a crucial point to ensure the students understand the content and context that they have learned in every subject.

Dear parents,

Do you think that showing off in class is good behavior ? Dear students, do you like to talk more and more, until others have no chance to talk? There is a talkative student who has this problem until the class is surrounded by his sounds.

Colorful Paints
The Attentive LUCArian-01.jpg

He likes to say : "teachers, I know…….."

However, he is a student who is willing to admit mistakes after teachers tell him and turn over a new leaf from this bad behavior. He is Brayden Ting, from Primary 5 of LUCA Academy. From his testimony, he wants to share with you how does he changes. Besides, he learns from mistakes, and lives by a good example for LUCArian !

Little LUCArian_1.jpg

Samuel Ng

Parents and students, may I borrow your attention please !!!
We present you the “little Lucarian”
Samuel Ng, the smart little boy from Primary One.
For your information, Samuel joined LUCA Academy since Pre-Primary. He would like to introduce himself and share the changes he has made and still changing. He would share his reviews on how he got better with the help and encouragement from the teachers. Our school strongly believes that with cares, encouragement, motivation and cooperation, even students with a young age are able to learn, love, live by good example. Come back to the topic, let us welcome Samuel Ng.
P.S What a transformation! Samuel looks great.
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