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Ms. Leah Lee Mooi Ai, Malaysian, Female. She is very passionate about education, especially with special kids. During her leisure time, she took up courses to learn about autism and childcare. Ms. Eileen uses the theory she learnt and applies it in her life too. She has experience in teaching students with autism and sensory problems. Also, she has helped many children with learning difficulties. Ms. Eileen intends to further study to enhance her skills and knowledge to serve children better in the future. At present, she is the executive chef of LUCA Academy. Not only does she cook well, but she also pays attention to the nutrition of the food she cooks. She requires the ingredients used for cooking to be fresh and of good quality. In addition, the use of seasoning included in the food must meet the nutritional standards. Teachers and students often praise her for the delicious food that she makes.

life coach leah lee

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