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Secondary education in LUCA Academy begins in Year 7. We believe that Year 7 to Year 9 is the most important stage for students to start exploring personal characteristics and develop personal specialties. Moreover, this stage is an important stage for them to lay the foundation before entering the workplace in the future. Therefore, students in this stage not only learn about deeper knowledge and skills, they will also receive training regarding the high level of thinking.​ Through languages, global perspective and other subjects, students will develop critical thinking, appreciation towards languages, data collection, analysing and higher level of thinking training for interdisciplinary integration and so on

Through Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and other subjects, students will gain the ability to observe, analyse the experimental techniques and will be trained in problem solving; Through IST, Arts and Design and other subjects, students will learn to negotiate in win-win communication skills through the process of manufacturing products. Life Education subject emphasises on the moulding of personal characteristics for students, helping them to find out personal characteristics and specialities, accomplishing self transformation, and lay the foundation to develop a mature personality in the future. The course in this stage will also be based on the thematic teaching of LUCA Academy. Every subject teacher in this stage will design and create more challenging and interdisciplinary project work for the students. This will be carried out as teams to train students in core capability according to the needs in the 21st century, during the process of executing the tasks.


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