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YEAR 4  |  YEAR 5  |  YEAR 6

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Year 4 to Year 6 is the consolidation of the basic state for the learning stage. Basically, students have undergone 3 years of training in the foundation stage, at the same time, they will need preparation before entering the learning stage of secondary level. Thus, teachers will design a series of curriculum activities to consolidate students’ basic skills and knowledge, to help students absorb the deeper knowledge and concepts for the secondary level.

Students in the consolidation basic stage will continue to go through LUCA Academy thematic teaching. Teachers from each subject will discuss and cooperate to conduct interdisciplinary project work for Year 4 to Year 6, which will give students the opportunity to make connections for knowledge and skills acquired from all subjects, constructing the interdisciplinary concept. At this stage, students will have the ability to gain more knowledge and skills from English, Chinese, Malay, Mathematics and Science and other subjects, to lay the foundation, as well as learning how to do “independent thinking” and nurturing the core competencies of “empathy awareness”.


Consolidation Basic Stage

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