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In order to allow students to possess the interdisciplinary concept and gain comprehensive development. Starting from Year 1, LUCA Academy uses thematic teaching or phenomenal teaching to combine all the subjects, at the same time, setting the class mission statement and project work, for students to acquire the knowledge and skills of each subject to produce connectivity through application and practice. Year 1 to Year 3 is the foundation stage for students to build their knowledge and skills.

To ensure the full development in skills, knowledge, understanding level and solid foundation in this stage, teachers will utilize various attractive and interesting activities to help students to fully understand the course content and master the subject ability through curriculum activities. At this stage, students will acquire basic communication skills and literacy training from language - English, Chinese, and Malay, as well as mastering observation, and nurturing experimental spirit in Mathematics and Science. Moreover, students will also experience and practice “self-acceptance”, “responsibility sharing” and other core competencies through group work tasks.


Fundamental Stage


power time

life education

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social studies

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