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I Learn, I Love and I Live by Good Example!

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Education is “Life impacts Lives”.

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We prioritise following the footsteps of a lifelong learner, thus influencing and inspiring others to be willing to live the life of a lifelong learner as well, and to guide them on how to live as lifelong learners.



Love the integration and impartation of truth

We believe that every individual is designed for the integration and imparting of the truth in life. We strive to maintain high ethical standards in all our endeavours in the eyes of the Lord, to do our best, even when we are on our own

Uniqueness in life’s purpose

We believe that every individual is designed for a life of purpose. We strive to help our staffs and students understand that each and every one of us has a unique life purpose, and we make it our goal to help each person discover that purpose during his or her time here at LUCA.

Core Competencies Development for Societal Contribution

Each of us has a self-expectation that we can contribute to society and become a useful person. We also recognize that we can only fulfill this self-expectation if we continue to develop our core competencies. Therefore, during the students' studies at LUCA, we insist on nur turing and developing their core competencies, preparing them to contribute to society and shine in the future.

Adapt to become a tough-minded optimist

A tough-minded optimist is unsentimental, realistic, resilient, and will prevail despite obstacles and difficult circumstances. He or she is not surprised when reality crushes a plan but treats every predicament as part and parcel of life’s journey and is prepared to face it with a positive and optimistic attitude.


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2017 was our year of laying the foundation for the learning.

2018 was our year of broadening for the learning.

2019 was our year of deepening the learning.

2020 was our year of learning to apply the technology.

2021 was our year of Integrating the learning.

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