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Together Everyone Achieves MORE!

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To be the leading 21st Century Lifelong Learners Hub.

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Build leadership skills in students to become leaders in the 21st century environment.



Love the Truth as the Core Principle

We believe that the truth is valuable for people, in teaching, rebuking, correcting and teaching them righteousness, and is a guidance for life that helps people to be complete and ready to do good works. Therefore, we love the truth, are keen to learn it and to live it out in our lives, and are willing to use it as a core principle to improve and enhance ourselves, to deal with others and to distinguish between right and wrong, so that we become a person of good character.

Unique in Personal Strengths Recognition

We believe that we all have our own strengths, but we need to find them and recognise them. Only then can we consciously utilize our unique strengths to achieve our goals in life. Therefore, we are willing to explore ourselves, get to know ourselves, cherish ever y oppor tunity or platform given to us to learn and develop ourselves, and strengthen the uniqueness of our personal strengths.

Core Competencies in everyday endeavours

We believe that practicing our core competencies on a daily basis is the best way to enhance our personal values. This is because we believe that core competencies are built up only through constant drills and exercises, over time. To have pure competence, we have to work hard to practice it ever y day and constantly improve ourselves so that we can do our par t and make our contribution to our team and to the society.

Adapt to be a Tough Minded Optimist

We believe that adapting to be a resilient and optimistic person is what drives our willingness and courage to face difficulties and challenges. We live in a dynamic world; thus, we must look at difficulties and challenges in a positive light and see them as part of our life experience, learning how to tackle them and overcome them, not giving up even in the face of adversity, and being willing to face them with a positive and optimistic mindset.


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2017 was our year of laying the foundation for the learning.

2018 was our year of broadening for the learning.

2019 was our year of deepening the learning.

2020 was our year of learning to apply the technology.

2021 was our year of Integrating the learning.

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